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About Krisnick

In 1996, with the inspiration of art shows in his youth, creator Tom Panetta began sculpting miniature Kris Kringle and St. Nick figures. He designed his art for friends and family before his first show: The Heart of the Country Show, where he began his business. Since then, Tom has handcrafted each piece with the same old fashioned process - each one with a unique story.

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The Process

"I mix the materials for the sculptures myself. It is a combination of clay, plaster and paper pulp. After I sculpt, I let them dry. If I need to make any adjustments I carve or sand the piece; then I hand paint each one. I mix colors, continuously combining hues until I get the exact color I’m looking for. Then I use an oil base stain to give it an antique look.

Next, I embellish it. I either use an adhesive, glue, drill, or I’ll hand tie it with twine. Finally, I put it through an aging process. I have my own 5 step aging process to make it look like it’s been around for 100 years. My sculptures are made to be heirlooms to be passed down for years to come."

~ Tom for Market Square Wholesale Shows

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